Conference Structure

The conference has been structured to focus on six main areas that are crucial to the future of the industry;

Soil: Much has been talked about the quality of our soil and how we can rebuild fertility – this session will hear from experts who can confirm the facts and promote the answers.

Future proofing farming: Looking forward to the year 2040 and considering what Scottish Agriculture will need to have at its disposal. It is vital that we take the long view and start planning for a time when the climate, technology, workforce and consumer habits will have changed.

Biodiversity: Our biodiversity is much wider than is generally talked about. This session will consider our flora and fauna, talk about the value of hedgerows, trees, and other environments, and then look at how we can reclaim the balance necessary between our farms and the ecosystems they support.

Carbon: As with Soil, much has been written about carbon and why it matters. This session will get the facts and will look at the way forward for the industry as it attempts to understand the drivers and their measurement.

The Livestock Food Chain: Faced with the need to encourage local food production alongside animal welfare concerns and the different food chains for large and small producers, this session will investigate how the food chain works in Scotland and what improvements can be made.

Farmers as Marketers: This session will address the need for change, and the need for farmers to understand how to improve their return and to develop their own story. The Farmer of the future needs to be equipped to be a marketer as well, and the panel will discuss how to encourage farmers to add more value to their efforts.

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