Food Categories

Sustainable Butcher or Wholesaler of the Year


This award is targeted at the following groups:


–        Artisan butchers promoting a variety of products including traditional cuts and tastes e.g. Mutton

–        Private client butchers who are providing a service to rare and native breed keepers

–        Butchers who are prioritising traditional native breeds in supply

–        Producers running an on farm butchery

–        Butchers with a strong local heritage with a local supply chain.

–        Wholesalers who are promoting native breed produce



Sustainable Chef of the year


The judges are going to be looking for:


–        A chef who is buying direct from local suppliers and local butchers

–        Chef using and promoting native breeds meat or other traditional produce

–        Chef championing traditional and local producers

–        A chef who is buying and promoting ‘top to toe’

–        A chef promoting and using produce from livestock on the watchlist of RBST


Sponsored by The Scottish Food Guide



Sustainable Food Producer of the year


This category is aimed at Primary Producers based in Scotland who are:


–        visibly committed to a high level of sustainable production

–        demonstrating local supply, low produce miles, low inputs

–        preferably working with native breeds or other traditional livestock

–        maximising outputs through diversification

–        judges will be particularly interested in anyone commercially selling produce from livestock on the RBST Watchlist

sponsored by Scotland Food & Drink

Sustainable Produce Retail outlet of the year


This category is targeted at permanent retail outlets on high streets, on farm, in rural locations who:

–        promote and supplying produce from rare and / or native breeds of livestock

–        work with and promote local suppliers

–        treat local suppliers in a fair way

–        understand and promote the local heritage of produce

–        Offer any and all types of food (meat, cheese, dairy, etc) and / or other sustainable produce from native breeds such as wool and wool products, soap, horns, skins.

Sponsored by SAC Consulting


Market of the year – NEW


This category recognises the place that local non-permanent and pop up Markets have as an outlet for sustainable produce. The judges will be looking for:


–        A local or regional market that has done the most to promote rare or native breed meat, dairy or other produce at a farmers market in Scotland

–        A market that encourages local producers, keeping food miles down

–        A market that blends together sustainable producers and local street food outlets